iNavigate, an MSC status company, is a regional Mobile Content and Service Provider for multimedia content and enterprise application integration. We develop the
m-Apps™ technology for:

  1. Content Management to aggregate
    and distribute multimedia content to
    mobile users;
  2. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
    of business applciations and data to allow
    enterprises to quickly expand their products
    and services through mobile devices;
  3. Mobile Multimedia Center for plug & play
    connection of web cams to mobile devices for
    MMS stills or video streaming;
  4. Mobile Commerce to enable business transactions and payment
    settlements from mobile consumers to merchants via Internet banking services.

Our value proposition is to speed up the delivery of of multimedia content and services to mobile users conveniently and effectively through the m-Apps™ platform which acts as a mediation gateway between content/applictaions and mobile devices.

The m-Apps™ is a software technology developed over JAVA and XML open standards for content management and enterprise application integration to support mobile Internet. It functions as a mediation gateway connecting mobile networks, internet banking system and enterprises into a mobile commerce infrastructure.

The m-Apps™ is capable of:
> Content download management services;
> Mobile payment and transaction services;
> APIs to integrate enterprise applications and data;
> Mobile data charging & reconciliation;
> Personalization & profiling of mobile users;
> Messaging services to support  SMS, WAP and MMS

Many content and applications have been integrated on m-Apps™ platform. It includes mobile banking service, mobile auction, health insurance service, MMS traffic info service, SMS Applications (eg SMS chat, SMS dating), Java games, animations, virtual greeting cards, polyphonic music/ring tones, wall papers etc.In Malaysia, this content and services are available through the mobile short code of 32833 to all mobile operators.

In Malaysia, our content and services are available through the mobile short code of 32833 to all mobile users of all networks.