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EDGE start rolling in Malaysia

Mobile Gizmo Online ,30 Apr 2004

DiGi today officially introduced to the Malaysian public its mobile network with the best speed, functionality and availability, on the EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) technology. The preview of more than 20 different products and services on EDGE is highlighted at the DiGi NOW! showcase at the concourse of Kuala Lumpur Plaza from April 16 to 18 2004.

Digi is the first telco provider to enable EDGE on their GSM network. below is their press releases

"Upgrading our network to EDGE is fulfilling our promise to offer our customers convenience, higher voice quality and greater speeds. EDGE is recognized as an efficient alternative to bring 3G services to the market immediately, and we are pleased to be the first in the country to be able to deliver high-speed data services to our customers," said DiGi's Head of Mobile, Mr. Erik Aas.

"This showcase has been planned to enable members of the Malaysian public to experience going beyond simple text and voice messaging and explore a combination of rich media elements comprising images, sound and video on their handsets at broadband data rates. And, as always, these services will be available both to pre- and postpaid customers" added Mr. Aas.

Visitors to the DiGi NOW! Showcase will be able to experience the difference in speed between what the existing mobile networks can offer compared with DiGi's EDGE network which promises broadband speeds up to 384 kbps. This is clearly redefining Malaysia's communications infrastructure with DiGi launching the fastest and highest quality mobile data network.

DiGi is working with various partners for the showcase for the supply of device, infrastructure and content of EDGE. Among them are bemobile, Channel 9, Ericsson, iNavigate, Nokia, NTV 7 and Siemens.

The highlight of the showcase is DiGi's offering of live TV which provides news and programmes over ntv7 and video on demand which offers live movie trailers, the latest music in town, and an exciting range of television clips.

Malaysians for the first time will also be able to experience navigating traffic via mobile phones on DiGi's traffic info service at the showcase. This service will allow users to view traffic situations at specific areas, on demand.

Another exciting mobile application on EDGE which will also be showcased is the mobile office solution. With this service data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, basically an ideal solution for business people on the move as they are able to have an overview of the email, contact and calendar and on their handsets. High speed internet browsing is accessible anytime, anywhere.

In addition, visitors to the showcase will also be able to try for themselves on some of DiGi's existing enhanced services i.e. ringtones, java games, info stock, etc, allowing them to experience its network robustness with EDGE to stay connected and have access to information and entertainment with greater mobility, speed, convenience and clarity. Visitors will also be able to try an online a role playing game with a focus on community building.

Commenting on the products and services that will be highlighted Mr. Aas said, "What we do is not just about technology but how this translates to giving our customers an enriching lifestyle experience. At the end of the day, DiGi's ultimate aim is to showcase products and services that incite fun, usefulness and innovativeness, set to enhance the lifestyle of our customers".

Part of the three-day programme for the showcase also includes the newest EDGE enabled handset models displayed by mobile phone companies like Nokia and the display of a Mercedes car fully equipped with Siemens multimedia solutions for business people on the move.

Promising loads of fun and interactivity, visitors at the showcase will be given the opportunity to try their luck in some competitions like participating in a mobile karaoke competition or even compete in an exciting mobile game with friends around the world or even try out a simulator of the F1 Maclaren Mercedes car. Some of the give-aways are cash prizes courtesy of DiGi, the latest EDGE-enabled handsets from Nokia, Sony Ericsson & Siemens phones and grand prizes inclusive of free trips to New Zealand, the Shanghai Formula One race and a home theatre system.

"The DiGi NOW! showcase is a pre-cursor to the commercial launch of a set of EDGE services. Through this showcase in the Klang Valley, our customers will have a sneak preview of the content and applications that ride on the EDGE technology. In return, we hope to gauge on the type of content and services that will appeal to our customers, in order for us to design and custom-make products and services that are close to their needs," added Mr. Aas