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Stars on EDGE

DiGi Online ,6 Apr 2004

DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd
"Stars on EDGE"
6 April 2004
JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur

Good morning and welcome to "Stars on EDGE". This simple but highly significant ceremony marks a major milestone in DiGi's rollout of its EDGE mobile network in Malaysia. Almost a year ago, I announced that DiGi's mobile network was to be upgraded with the introduction of Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution, better known as EDGE . I am happy to say that we have completed the installation of EDGE across our Klang Valley network.

In just a few days, we will launch our EDGE showcase at the KL Plaza. You will get to see what it is like to break the speed barrier with connections faster than 100kbps, once again putting DiGi in the forefront by launching the fastest and highest quality mobile data network in Malaysia.

Speed, quality and clarity are what it's all about, Ladies and Gentlemen, as well as the immense convenience of an always on connection to the internet on your mobile phone. DiGi NOW is the first public showcase in Malaysia, offering attractive EDGE enabled 3G like data services.

With the support of our partners - bemobile, Channel 9, Ericsson, iNavigate, Nokia, NTV 7 and Siemens - we are confident that DiGi will be able to clearly demonstrate to the Malaysian market that we remain leaders in bringing innovative mobile solutions to the market.

This showcase also reflects DiGi's commitment to going beyond providing infrastructure and hardware to offering end-to-end solutions for mobile data services. Alongside the installation of the EDGE network, we have been working very hard with our partners to ensure that from the moment this network becomes operational; our customers will be able to enjoy the convenience, speed and flexibility of 3G services over our EDGE network.

Visitors to the showcase will be able to try out applications such as mobile Office applications, movie downloads and live television, which fully exploits the EDGE network. We will be unveiling several EDGE-enabled handsets, as well as interesting and appealing applications that will ride on EDGE technology.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

DiGi's track record though brief, is one marked by success. This remains our goal. We have done this by focusing firmly on our customers and building a culture of doing things right for them. Our customers are offered products and services that are practical, that help enhance the quality of their lives and support all their lifestyle choices. We offer this not in the near future but now. This is precisely why we are calling our showcase DiGi NOW: The future fast-forward. We are not just committed to designing products and services for our subscribers; we are also passionate about responding to their needs.

The EDGE technology has given DiGi the ability to provide connections faster than 100kbps in the Klang Valley, to date offering mobile data network with the best speed, functionality and availability. These speeds are key to both consumers and business users. They will see how we can go beyond simple text and voice messaging and experience a combination of exciting media elements comprising images, sound and video, all on your mobile phone.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

"Stars on EDGE" is not a mere signing ceremony. For us in DiGi it is a giant leap forward in delivering outstanding customer experiences. We will continue to build on partnerships and strategic alliances that strengthen our ability to deliver on our promise of quality, innovation and dependability. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners for their support and commitment. I believe the strategic synergies gained from working in a powerful partnership will bring real benefits to DiGi's customers.

DiGi, together with our partners, is pleased to be the first to bring this experience of EDGE-enabled 3G services to Malaysians.

Thank you.