m-Apps™ & Technology
Value Preposition
The m-Apps™ Platform offers a win-win-win value proposition for users, celcos and enterprises in
mobile commerce value chain. It enables them to exploit better ROI for their investment in existing infrastructure
and applications.


Increase ARPU - Shorten the implementation time to aggregate and integrate more services to introduce to the market. Hence, it leads to increased usage or data traffic that directly increase the ARPU.

Mobile Presence - m-Apps™ provides the crucial connectivity to enable enterprises to establish mobile presence for their Internet based services to gain mindshare and sales in the new market.

Ease of Integration - It helps to alleviate many technical and commercial issues inherent in connecting to mobile networks.

Immediate - Mobility proves that convenience of anywhere and anytime communication has a significant value appeal to consumers.

Personal Touch - Mobile users have a very up-closed and personal relationship with their mobile phones. It has a high recall and response rate. When a mobile phone rings, it is answered! When a message beeps it, it is read!

Cost Effectiveness - Mobile users usually spend their money for using the mobile services such as downloading content and paying their bills.