m-Apps™ & Technology
m-Apps™ Framework

m-Apps™ platform will connect enterprise application
& content to mobile networks and banking backend.
It allows celcos to aggregate variety of mobile services
to their subscribers. Such mobile services include m-commerce,
infotainment, location based services, mobile financial services,
video streaming and etc. It acts as an "mediation gateway" to
integrate enterprise content and applications to allow them extend their
Internet based services to mobile subscribers.


Content & Apps Layer
It comprises variety of content and enterprise applications that are usually provided by independent iCAPs or enterprises. The content can be delivered in SMS, WAP, MMS or Video formats.

Middleware Layer
It consists of a collection of sub-systems that connect to the infra layer to achieve service integration and distribution. Integration to Content and Apps Layer is done through a set of open APIs. Interfaces to infra layer is via a set of protocol stacks - Comm Infra. Security is provided to ensure that data is handled securely end to end. To support m-commerce, m-Financial™ is developed to handle mobile transactions and payment.

Infra Layer
There are two major infrastructure providers - celcos and banks. Both are essential players in the mobile commerce. Celcos provides reach to mobile users, while banks provide payment clearing and settlement services via their direct debit or credit card backend servers.